Sell refreshments at your venue?
Losing out on sales due to long queues?
We have the solution — FanGo

Why Partner with FanGo?

FanGo caters for any venue selling refreshments:

  • Music Concerts
  • Stadiums
  • Race Courses
  • Theatres
  • Exhibition Centres
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars

FanGo is a phone app enabling customers to pre-order and pay for refreshments at your venue. When an order is placed, staff at the nearest bar are notified and prepare the order. Once ready, the customer receives a notification to go to their dedicated FanGo Express Lane and collects their order, bypassing those notorious queues!

Fast, efficient and convenient, enabling your customers to enjoy more of the event with their friends and family.

Higher Revenues

  • Faster transactions
  • Increase sales
  • Higher average purchases

Data Analysis

  • Identify popular products
  • Enhance stock management
  • Sales reports

Utilise Staff

  • Free staff training
  • No time wasted with cash
  • Optimise preparation

Secure Payments

  • Safe and reliable
  • Major cards, Apple/Android Pay
  • Stripe transactions

FanGo Rewards

  • Incentivise customers
  • Customer rewards
  • Loyalty points

Happier Customers

  • Enjoy more of the event
  • No long queues
  • Returning customers

Quick & Easy

  • Cashless system
  • Mobile payments
  • User friendly service


  • No installation costs
  • FanGo handle your orders
  • New innovative system


  • Promote future events
  • Special offers
  • Target demographics

How it Works — 4 Simple Steps

FanGo App on iPhone

User places order.


Nearest FanGo express lane receives order.


Staff prepare order and send collection details with unique barcode.


User arrives at express lane, scans barcode and collects order.

Integrating FanGo at your Venue

Meet Us

  • Meeting to review your venue requirements and help you choose the most suitable pricing strategy.
  • Pricing is assessed on a case by case basis as every venue differs in size, capacity, refreshments available, event type and demographic.


  • Provide you with the equipment required to set up FanGo Express Lanes free of charge.
  • FanGo software installed at your venue, again free of charge.


  • Free extensive training for your venue staff.
  • FanGo app supervisor allocated to support your venue.


  • Work alongside your marketing team to design and deliver strategies to ensure your customers are aware of FanGo at your venue.
  • Marketing material provided to help publicise FanGo to your wider audience.


  • See instant increased sales and happier customers.
  • Ongoing support for your venue, reviewing and adapting FanGo to provide you with the best service.

About Us

The directors share a passion for watching professional sport and regularly attend a wide variety of concerts and performance events around the world. They realised experiences at such events could be improved if queues were minimised by enhancing the efficiency of ordering and collecting refreshments. Thus, FanGo was born.

Managing Directors

Joe Gateshill MA(Cantab), MEng

In 2012, Joe completed an Engineering Master's degree at the University of Cambridge. He then joined Jaguar Land Rover's Product Development Graduate Programme and was heavily involved in the development of the I-Pace - Jaguar's first all-electric vehicle. Joe left Jaguar Land Rover in 2017 to devote all his attention to developing the FanGo App.

Greg Usher MSc

Greg is a former sportsman who recently completed a Master's degree in Sport Business Management at Loughborough University. He is now focusing all his energy on FanGo believing, as an event enthusiast himself, that the app is an innovative idea which will greatly improve customer experience.

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